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Videocamera Drain Inspection

To find the exact state of your drain, and its potential problems, order an HD Video Inspection service from our specialists.




West Island - Montreal - Laval - South Shore


Caméra HD pour inspection de drain

Caméra HD pour inspection de drain

Evidencie toute imperfection/défaut

Evidencie toute imperfection/défaut

Vue de l'intérieur du drain

Vue de l'intérieur du drain

Idéale pour inspéction pré-achat

Idéale pour inspéction pré-achat

Be Informed

Camera inspection is the surest way to check the operation of the drain.


If you french drain is inefficient and allows for water infiltration in the basement, camera inspection is used to determine whether you have roots, mud, ferrous ocher, or rocks causing blockage. Note that as part of a purchase of a house, it is very recommendable to do a drain inspection to avoid costly surprises.


For the main drain, camera inspection can tell which of the factors is causing a blockage, and whether the pipe is permanently damaged. In case it is, you can decide whether it is necessary to replace the pipe, do a trenchless repair, or simply clear it.


In the course of an inspection, our technician will record a video of the main drain and the sewer drain the outside to explain to you current state of your drain and any recommendations that might be useful for your drain maintenance. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed written report outlining the issued encountered, which can include:


- The penetration of tree roots

- Cracked or broken pipe sections

- Misaligned joints

- The accumulation of debris

- Obstructions or objects blocking the pipe

- Others

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