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Unclogging Specialists

We have the experience and equipment ready to unblock your sewer line at any time, for your convenience.


Montréal-Laval-South Shore



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Schéma graphique

La haute pression d'eau perce tout ce qui bloque le tuyau

Équipement performant

Moteur Kohler 2015 à pression de plus de 3,000 psi propulse 13 gallons/minute

Équipement performant

La machine peut surmonter avec facilité même les blocages les plus compliqués

Ÿ-Root removal

Ÿ-Smoke test Leak Detection


All sewer blockages require immediate attention from a specialist. They can be caused by problems inherent in the drain pipe, or caused by an object thrown into the drain. For any unclogging problem in your building, ProntoDrain has the experience and equipment to get the job done. Our trucks are equiped with a high-pressure hydrojetting machine, videocamera inspection reels and rooters. This allows us to unblock, diagnose, and clean your drain.


You can reach a ProntoDrain technician at any time 24/7 for emergency situations, or during business hours for free consultation and advice.

Same-day appointment:

We unblock & clean:

kitchen sink unclog pronto drain

Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink unclog pronto drain


kitchen sink unclog pronto drain


kitchen sink unclog pronto drain


kitchen sink unclog pronto drain

Bathroom Sink

kitchen sink unclog pronto drain

Main Drain

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