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Root Removal

Root invasion a common drain blocking cause.

Call us for an efficient, guaranteed full root removal service, along with a camera inspection to show you before / after results.



Montréal, Laval, or South Shore:



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Équipement performant

Moteur Kohler 2015 à pression de plus de 3,000 psi propulse 13 gallons/minute

Équipement performant

La machine peut surmonter avec facilité même les blocages les plus compliqués

Tree roots removal

The main sewer is the common drain pipe that takes all the waste water from your home and delivers it to the city sewer. When this main sewer becomes damaged with tree roots or becomes broken it causes big problems in the home with a sewer back up.

ProntoDrain has the latest and best equipment to handle root intrusion case. Using a strong jetting machine, 100% of the roots are removed, over the full pipe length.

About tree root growth

During drought conditions and in winter, tree roots travel long distances in search of moisture. As a general rule tree roots will extend up to 2. 5 times the height of the tree, and some species of trees may have roots extending five to seven times the height of the tree.


How to repair & prevent

The roots have penetrated through cracks in the pipe; if left untreated, they may regrow back in again.

To prevent that, we can repair your pipe, on the spot.  Using a no-dig repair technology, we can install a liner that will restore the drain pipe, prevent any root growth and extend the useful life of your drain. This will solve root problems once and for all. Consult our trenchless repairs section for more info.

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