Trenchless Repair


Cured in Place Pipe repair, also called drain lining is a rehabilitation method used to restore old and damaged pipes. A flexible liner tube is inserted into the drain,  which extends through the old pipe. Unlike conventional methods, it is not necessary to dig up the old pipe from under the ground to change it. All that is necessary is the cleanout access inside the house. A preliminary jet pressure cleaning is performed inside the pipe to make it ready for lining. Lastly, the liner is inserted,  and cured in place to take perfectly the shape of the old pipe.


Drain lining is a simple solution and offers several advantages:
• a significant reduction in cost
• fast, same-day completion of work
• a less intrusive means of repair
• a tested, proven method and guarenteed performance.


To make sure that the drain can be lined, we recommend having a preliminary analysis, which requires a video inspection, detecting pipe location, accesses, etc. To request a free quote, feel free to contact us or write an email with your details.